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December 2, 2018  

Whether it's your own problems that you just can't seem to shake, pain or relationship troubles. We've all felt this feeling, of things not being as it should, of wondering why things have occurred. And we aren't alone, in the book of Psalms, we can too see others going through the same but amongst this book we are also are given insight to process life when it isn't as it should be. 


November 25, 2018  

Nat Stafford continues the Story of God series by looking at the life of King Solomon and how he isn't as he appeared. 

November 18, 2018  

This re-telling of one of the most well-known stories of the Bible—David and Goliath—uses rocks and maps to picture three principles for facing giant struggles.    

November 10, 2018  

Nat continues the Story of God series by having a look at Samuel and Saul.

November 4, 2018  

No one chooses to ruin their life. Failures happen in small steps that slowly lead us away from our calling. This truth is witnessed during the Biblical period of the Judges in a dramatic and geographic way. Join us as we map the hills and valleys that form a 3D model of what failure looks like, before navigating our way back to our calling.

October 21, 2018  

Nat continues the Story of God series by looking at Israel during the time of Joshua.

October 14, 2018  

Our failures can be huge, they can seem overwhelming, they can make you feel like you can't do anything right again. When you are living out your failures, life is hard, but amongst looking at the failures of the Israelites from Sinai to Israel we can learn a thing a two when facing our failures and our sinfulness, particularly God's ultimate solution to our failures. 

September 30, 2018  

Drawing from different eras of church history, our pastors outline a few key lessons from the past that help to set directions for the future on this, the 20th birthday of Chancellor Park Community Church.

September 23, 2018  

Nat continues the Story of God series by looking at Abraham and God's solution to the Temptation Pattern in his life and ours. 

September 16, 2018  

Nat continues the story Story of God series by looking at the story of Noah and the results of the Fall.

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