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June 23, 2019  

Guest speaker D Morcom addresses the Book of Revelation as both the Bible and this series draws to a close.  

June 9, 2019  

Maintaining a love for God and for one another takes purposeful effort because passion is a flame that can be easily extinguished. Spiritual fire extinguishers are everywhere in our world. In this exploration of our Inward calling to love one another, we follow the story of the Ephesian church that lost its first love. And we learn how to keep the flame from flickering in our own stories.

May 19, 2019  

What difference can one life make against the powerful current that so easily sweeps us in its own direction? As we explore the life of Paul during the chapter of the early church, we learn four key principles that remind us that making a difference for God is not about making a name for ourselves.

May 12, 2019  

A Mother's Day message looking at the Mother Heart of God, who is neither male nor female, so by exploring the stories of earthly mothers in the Bible we see brush strokes that each paint a little more of a portrait of God. And it’s not a portrait of a parent with pointed finger. It’s a parent with open arms who does everything possible to show us love!

April 21, 2019  

We're all guilty of doing dumb things at times, but some guilt lingers longer. If a failure of yours hurt someone else and you can't or won't let it go, join us as we explore on Resurrection Sunday, the life changing message of forgiveness, particularly self forgiveness; what it means and how to reach it.

March 3, 2019  

Sit back and picture the scene that unfolds in this ancient story that took place in between the Old and New Testaments... a time when God went silent and left His people wondering, "Why doesn't God do something?"

If you have ever wondered the same, if humanity's noise has drowned out God's whisper in your life, join us as we explore how to hear God in the midst of His silence.

February 10, 2019  

There are times when God's activity feels absent from our lives. Looking at the story of Ezekiel through a geographical lens, we see why prayers sometimes seem to be echoes in an empty room, and God sometimes seems to be a mirage in a barren life. But there is an answer...!

January 20, 2019  

An open forum addressing questions ranging from, How involved in politics should Christians become? Where do we go after we die? How do I handle judgmental people? And Can God forgive me if I can't forgive someone else?

January 13, 2019  

The ancient true story of a king with a wandering eye, told as a fable to highlight the problems that follow when we move in the opposite direction to our calling... and how to come back home.

January 6, 2019  

"Most things work again when you unplug them. Including you."

Join us as we investigate four problems that rob us of rest and four solutions that help us unplug and find the peace that us sheep desperately need.

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